Friday, September 19, 2014

Random Access Lynn: 2.Beer Rinse

Six Months Later

Beer Rinse

Lynn settled in at the camp ground bar next to me. Her stature placed her pert breasts just above the rim of the bar, much to the delight of the young corn fed Wisconsin boy bartender. Lynn gave him her sexist sweet smile as her thin lips parted over perfect white teeth and ordered a beer. This pleased him to no end because I don’t think elaborate cocktails were in his repertoire. He did not much care for race day weekends. Especially "The June Sprints" because a lot of city folk came up from civilization to invade his dairy land digs. Lynn looked him up and down and she made sure he and I saw her do it. Jim's cum still fresh on her breath and she was already thinking about more.

“Jim heading in soon?” I queried.

“He’ll be along soon I imagine. He’s a bit spent at the moment.” She smiled up at me and both drank and rinsed her mouth with the beer as her hand ran up my thigh. “Speaking of spent, I hope Fred enjoyed our time together last week. I could tell you two had shared a woman before. I was well done and sore for days. But I am better now,” she said and gave my stiffening cock a squeeze. “Hope Jim’s happy with the hummer I gave him, cause you’re getting my better bits you delicious man. Shame Eileen couldn't make it.”

I still had mixed feelings about drawing together Fred, Lynn, and almost Eileen. But Eileen was from the way back column so that trip down memory lane held no surprises.

It was right out of school that Fred had taken up photography. With his pretty young girl friend Helen and her best friend Eileen he had started taking portraits and candid snaps of that lovely pair. Eventually some of those portraits moved to a more intimate and erotic sort of venue. Helen had also made it no secret to Fred that Eileen had thought I would be something she might enjoy. I believe she had told Helen after the first time the four of us sat in a circle crossed leg, smoking what was smoked in big old pass around joints in the seventies.

“I never had the urge to just want to make out with a guy so much in my life. I mean, I just meet him, but oof, I could dig my claws deep into that skinny ass of his. How serious is he about that tiny titted girl friend of his?” Eileen had shared with Helen

To the heavenly endowed Eileen, every woman could be said to be tiny titted. Even the magnificently proportioned Helen. Yet Helen did what a friend does and had Fred make inquiries. Fred communicated the same message to me in man speak. While we were out fishing one day he said, “You know Helen’s friend Eileen wants to jump your bones. I’ll bet you could figure out a few things to do with those tit’s of hers, eh.”

With that a fish struck my lure. Not a tap, a strike, so I set the hook and fought that fish for a good five minutes and landed the most beautiful large-mouth bass I had seen to date.

“It is all about using the right bait my friend.” I said as I sat down in the boat and began pondering the possibilities Eileen's breasts could afford me.

So even though I was serious about my tiny titted girlfriend it did not stop Fred, Helen, Eileen, and I from doing some group experiments together. Sure it started as being paired off on living room floors, and party sofas. One thing led to another, first swapping, Giving Helen the satisfaction of knowing Fred did not prefer her best friend, while she gained first hand knowledge putting to rest any possible fantasies of me. Finally the experimenting culminated in the healthy and lesbian leaning Eileen lapping greedily under Helen’s haunches. I from below got the double feature view of a naked bouncing Helen while I grasped Eileen's magnificent tits. This while pumping in Titty Ei's, as she was affectionately known, flat but welcoming white ass. Fred pummeled Eileen's cock adverse cunt from above as he enjoyed the vision of his lovely Helen writhing on Eileen's prominent Irish chin.

After that coup de grĂ¢ce we ended those healthy young animal romps for many reasons. But mostly because Eileen, for varying reasons felt photographically exploited by the couple and that her affection for Helen was being misused.

I stayed with my tiny titted girlfriend while Eileen faded away. So much so that although Helen and her had been lifelong friends Eileen demurred from attending the joyous union of Fred and Helen in matrimony.

Now with Fred and Helen separated just in time for the libidinous Lynn and her dual penetration fantasies being bestowed upon me, it was good thing Fred and I had that history and not lost our touch. I would not have known another I could have quickly felt comfortable with, other than Jim, so we had rhythmically satiated the insatiable Lynn just a few nights before. Double bonus was that Eileen once again had become a favorite subject for Fred’s camera. These two collaborating made me question Eileen's professed lesbian credentials since her suspicious arrival on the heels of marital issues for Fred and Helen; ensconcing herself in Fred’s camp so to speak.

So yet again Fred had set me up with Eileen for this “camping” trip. With both me and Lynn as bait. Eileen agreed eagerly and could have been said to be, “chomping at the bit,” or at least tapping the lure. This weekend would have been my turn to be the meat in the sandwich between Lynn and the still aptly nicknamed Titty Ei but for Eileen demurring at the last moment.

My reverie was ended by Jim bounding into the rustic bar and announcing loud enough for all to hear, “The drinking lamp is lit!” He threw his arms over mine and Lynn's shoulders and inserted himself in the middle.

Drink we did.