Friday, April 1, 2016

Whenever This Room Was...

Boy this room was dark. Whenever this room was.  The air felt cool as it dried her off my dick. That scent was as unmistakable as her pet name was for me. It was disconcerting that I could not see her. Sight is such an overriding sense in these situations for me. I hear that is a common male bias. But at this time I should no nothing of such things. With Rene it should be a mutual training and exploration time. I know things this time that I should not know and did not know last time around. The urge to show off was prodigious. The mess it could make even more so. 
But it was oh so very dark. I could hear her breathing. Sighing. Purring. I led with my hands. Found familiar thighs. Sturdy and long. I spread them and trailed little kisses along the inside of my favorite. Each one with relish. Some with a little tease of tongue. Some without. Her scent grew stronger. She smelled like none have since. She smelled fabulous. She was ripening with each tender lip flick. With each nibble. When my thigh roaming had almost reached the apex at her crossroad I gently opened wide and gave a little full jaw bite and growl. She gave a full core shiver. I knew now that it was a little O. I had no such intimate knowledge then. I had the false belief that women were all or nothing. Just like I was then. But not now. 
My nose led me to paydirt.  
Even in the daylight her snatch was always concealed by that fine haired blonde fringe. With sheets of darkness surrounding us I would get nary a glimpse this time round either. So I rooted around in the fluffy blond briars until I found the paradise from which I had so recently withdrawn. I raised her tush up in praising palms. Her swale was well furrowed from my previous plowing so I plunged my tongue deep into her melangue bowl and slowly wriggled head, tongue, and lips about tossing her salad vigorously; stirring up her own special frothy vinaigrette offering. Spreading it gleefully from thick firm thigh to thick firm thigh with the overflow spreading generously on my cheeks. My hands which were tenderly cradling her magnificent behind were well oiled by now. Forgetting where and when I was I fortutiously poked my finger into her delicious ass sending my sweet Rene's rump into a rambunctious tango that had all my senses reeling. Her now turgid twat and clit covered my face like host hungry alien. young Rene coming was a visceral event. 
I had forgotten how swiftly my body reacted back in those heady frisky days. Overpowered by my twenty four year old hormones which were fermenting nicely with her twenty year old vintage. My decades older psyche was overpowered and my ragingingly hard cock spewed forth a prodigious amount of seed in every direction available. Covering sheets, Rene, and all over the well churned point of face to muff contact. 
The younger minded me would have been mortified, but this seasoned mind in the exuberant frame just fell between the goalposts of sweet thighs and tender small tits planting fulley snatch slathered face to her prim young red rosebud lips of blonde blonde delight. She demurred from my kiss at that time. Today I know women that would be reveling in celebratory lapping of said bounty that had poured forth from their own private cornucopias. I wish I knew if Rene ever found that special kind of frisky later in her days. 
The sudden slither to a lighter later time left me with handfuls of glorious breast, cupped from behind within a full body spoon, that could only be my present day Judy