Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pass Around Joy - 8 Another Ride

Perhaps the most awkward part of automobile sex is the getting dressed afterward. No bathroom to retreat to. Just side by side searching for garments that while contained in the car were often as elusive as if they were lost in a McMansion on the hill. However Joys deftness of tucking her tits away for the night back in their holders was a precision swimmers delight.  

I drove and she rolled up next to me on the front bench seat. We drove silently through the night. Her soft curly hair felt good against my shoulder. Her hands rested in my lap slyly feeling what was left of the hard-on that had so recently been deep inside her. It felt as if she was assuring herself rather than an encouragement for more. We both seemed content in our silence. In our closeness.

However she couldn’t help herself with her pointed quip to close the evening when we arrived curbside to her house..“I guess Bwana didn’t put out. It took you long enough though.” With that she exited and I enjoyed the view of her full round behind with painted on blue jeans as it swayed up the gangway to the back of her home. She playfully put both hands in the jeans rear pockets and gave me a playful backward glance before disappearing between the shadows of her neighbors house.

I turned on the radio and drove home in the Chicago night to the sounds of FM radio blasting out of the retro fitted stereo speakers on the rear deck of my sleek midnight blue Bonneville.

“Like two couches on wheels.” I said softly to no one.

When I pulled behind my coach house I could hear music playing inside. I was not sure if I really wanted or needed to see The Nanny tonight, but apparently that decision was made for me.

When I opened the door I was greeted with a waft of reefer smoke and the sound of voices within. One male, Andy’s and another female voice. Not The Nanny. Interesting.

Being a small cottage on the alleyway behind a larger front house it did not take me long to find the source. Nanny was ensconced on the bed in Lotus position, a little bleary and grinning her grin listening to Andy’s female friend relating tales of her cheer-leading days. Andy’s friend looked the part except for looking way to disheveled and stoned to make the cheer-leading team at this moment. But apparently had maintained the cheerleader look with tennis shoes, short skirt and puffy sweater covering full curled up kitten size breasts and long straight shag cut blond on blond hair surrounding blue, albeit slightly bloodshot, eyes complimenting sweet rosy red cheeks around a button nose.

A welcome distraction for an already distraction filled evening.

Andy and The Nanny laughed raucously at her story of which I had only caught the end, so I smiled and introduced myself. Gave Andy an aside greeting and parked it on the bed next to Nanny.

Apparently I had played right into her hands because she immediately swooped around me all hands and breast pressing in a horny drunk and high welcome home. Andy and Ashley had already made themselves quite a little nest of blankets and pillows in the corner of the room, which being small was not to far off from the bed. They too seemed to snuggle into each other as if on cue.

Nanny was drunk, horny and highly motivated and wasted no time on niceties. She was kissing my neck and whispering crude come-ons in my ear while already working the buttons on my shirt.

Nanny caught her breath, inhaled wide eyed, and said , “No peeking.” to no one in particular as she reached over and turned out the one light in the already dimly lit room. This small bedroom already located on an unlighted alleyway was about as close to pitch dark as a room could be so all other senses other than sight would be the focus of the evening. So I laid back and let Nanny have her way since she was apparently the cruise director for the night here at my place.

I had not seen her this high in a long time and wondered what the occasion was. In the dark room I could hear the unmistakable sound of Andy getting a blowjob from Ashley while the Nanny stripped herself to naked perfection in the dark above me. She then went drunkenly but expertly about the business of  working the button fly on my 501 jeans. Once belt and button were undone she pulled them off with a flourish. My boxers in short order were sent flying across the room to slide down the wall. She was fiery wet and ready when she swallowed me up between parted thighs and ready pussy folds which quivered over each inch. All to Andy and the cheerleader humping low and soft in the small dark coach house bedroom.

I felt Nanny’s firm stomach as she straddled me and gently rocked forward and back in a gliding sliding motion. I rested my hands on her thighs after ample caressing and explorations of her small firm tits, pausing with thumb and forefinger on fully erect pink nipple long enough to illicit an approving moan from her sweet lips. My thumbs now felt along and in the soft downy fringe  of her glorious little slit until her clit made an appearance from between her sweet snatch headwaters. She had a small delicate clit which once emboldened, like her small firm tits, sent her into a delirium of passion when stroked just so.

My thumbs caressed and pulled those pink folds apart eventually working in to feel where the shaft was entering her at startling angles due to her side and grinding fucking motion she was still rhythmically rocking to.

When I could no longer contain myself I began bucking high and hard into her, lifting her glorious bottom with me heavenward. On my heels now I raised her up and fell alternately while moving my hands to grab her full round behind while we now humped like animals.

I was bucking wildly and one downward fall found my prick Nannyless. I heard her exhale, “Whew. Try this angle on for size.” She turned and gave me the full moon access quickly grabbing me and guiding my slowly in. In her hand she paused teasingly, rubbing her still glowing clit with my knob, sliding side to side flipping her folds like the pages of our long term romance. I was enjoying her large heart shaped bottom with my hands wishing there was a bit of light to visually enhance these glorious sensations she was delivering with precision and loving skill.

Joy who?

With this glorious full back side spread access I had even better tactile feedback of my shaft slipping ever so slowly deep inside my sweet Nanny’s snatch. My fingers were fully coated and slick from our self lubing lustfulness so I sought a little more passion purchase by sweetly pushing my finger tip ever so gently into her sweet puckers anus. I felt it slowly give entrance while a moan escaped her sweet mouth.  That allowed my finger to slip into the first knuckle which cause us both to burst amid panting and grunting exclamations which made it clear that whatever what's his name and what's her name were doing on the floor beside our bed was of no consequence anymore

Her pussy purred all down my shaft, over my tightly contracting spent balls, and between my thighs her sweet golden blonde goodness flowed down to the sheets below.

Her cunt clutched me tightly while her rosebud ejected my vibrating finger tip in a final flourish. Her sweet blond frame collapsed all over me and she exhaled a one word summation in my ear.

“Show off.”

In the morning I awoke with a sleeping Nanny by my side and raging morning-wood. Disoriented I rose to make my way to the bathroom only to be greeted by the cheerleaders eyes overlooking a sleeping and snoring Andy and she focused on my morning splendor.

“Show off,” the cheerleader whispered.

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