Thursday, March 2, 2017


I have worked you into a froth and fucked you with intention.
My hands spread you before me
My tongue takes the message to your parted and now vacant portal

Y- my tongue circles under sweet nubbin, tail trails along a well worked fold, circles entrance to paradise and burrows in deep to complete the letter.

O- a simple but effective circumnavigation trail of the widened gate to your sweetness.

U - is all about tracing your protruding passion leaving the top open for release as it rises up to greet me.

T- is all cross tongue slash pink curtain to pink curtain, the rest is decent  from clit to weeping hole with an even deeper and sweeter intrusion into the recent space vacated by my cock.

A- path is clear straight up to the seething pearl, straight down to taint with a teasing hyphen again spreading tender lips apart and leaving them a quiver.

S- a winding path of desire up through tender mound guarding sentry, snaking down and across succulent terrain only to lip the cup before driving tongue deep and in earnest.

T- completes S’s call with a response straight from bountiful pucker to now straining nub ending with a mirror image of curtain to curtain swift  traverse of pointed pink tippy tongue.

E- elicits a cursive touch with full top rounding now bursting clitorus with a swirling tail to cunts sweet opening again.

S- my last S seemed so swift and effectively at having you teetering on the trough edge of the abyss. So I repeat sweet succinct travels with savor anew.

O-  turns your insides out with extra suction as we round plumped lip porthole once again as thighs start to clench.

G- covers all folds with a slow side to side tongue waggle of goodness and has me lapping like a slobbering cur as your heat radiates all over me.

O - is all over you as round and round we go on the lickin’ bowl finishing deep as waves wash over you.

O- is all inside the bowl as we lick and swirl it from bottom to rim in sweet circular orgasmic effusion.

D - la petite mort  needs no motion as you lie in a steaming heap of quivering lusciousness overflowing with a glow of the splendor that you are.

You taste so good.