Monday, August 25, 2014

Random Access Lynn: 1. Six Months Later

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Six Months Later

Lots of questions were filling my head as I sat at the camp site. It was a fine June day.The sun was shining. The two tents had been set up, wood ready for the campfire at night. Dinner and gear stowed and ready for the next two days at the June Sprints car races in beautiful Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. So here were the questions.

Why was I sitting outside a tent listening to the unmistakable slurping sounds Lynn makes when giving head. Why were they so exaggerated. For my benefit I had little doubt. The under played groaning of Jim getting ready to come which I clearly recognized from our tandem servicing of account wenches.

Why had Eileen canceled on me at the last moment. On that I had some inclination as to the reasons. Eileen was a highly intuitive lass and perhaps I had underestimated her because of her Catholic School upbringing. Perhaps Lynn had underestimated her because of Eileen's huge breasts and a small breasted women’s readiness to assume the worse about well endowed felines.

But the biggest question was why Lynn and I were still carrying on with impunity as well as increasing boldness some six months after our first furtive and highly charged tango on the razors edge of Berserker relationship abandon.

Not a word, glance, or change in Jim’s demeanor toward me. If anyone had changed in our interactions it was me, with Jim chalking it up to my normal allusive detachment.

Meanwhile Lynn’s demands and needs had grown exponentially. That was one reason Eileen had been worked into our little circle. Alas that ship has seemed to have sailed at this juncture.

The flexible Lynn also had been the catalyst to change a life long friendship I had maintained with Fred and Helen.  Whether that was for the better or worse remains to be seen. That could also have been the result of the always tenuous situation one has when bringing together the characters from two separate life epochs. Past and present have tumultuous results when joined at times.

I walked to the clubhouse nee supper-club that this country club turned campground had morphed into hoping my erection from the sucking symphony Lynn had orchestrated for me would subside before reaching my destination. I ordered a PBR draft that came in at the ludicrous price of forty five cents. There are things I love about my neighbors to the north. I had just started to sip my brew when in walked Lynn. My first clue was the bartenders eyes which were drawn towards her. Erect nipples were highly apparent under her tiny white T shirt. She had apparently enjoyed her service to Jim. Knowing her she was continuing her enjoyment as the good looking young bartender’s gaze locked on those perky buds of desire.

Another night out with Jim and Lynn. Well maybe it was a good thing Eileen had backed out.