Friday, January 16, 2015

Forest for the Trees


I watched greedily as she went full emerald on me. The slight green bra of a small breasted woman. Scanty verdant panties strategic enough to cover my svelte lovers gap, while revealing a generous amount of curvaceous derriere. Leafy garter belt to support the intrigue of flimsy grassy stockings.

I studied the shadows as they embraced her, while aware of the pleasure the removal of said forest hued splendor would bring me. It was immaterial whether she or I would be doing the disrobing. The way I was feeling now it would be more a frenzied ripping.

She rolled a stocking up slowly one outstretched alabaster leg. The stockings were a delight and I knew would be of a fabric that was soft on my ears as her thighs would caress them later that night. Red nails on her fingers answered her lips and hair harmoniously. Smoothing stocking at the top of her thigh, she traced a red fingernail across the emerald green pantie that covered her sweet swale.

Friday, January 9, 2015

A Shiver Runs Through Me

Gentlemen prefer blondes. I was no gentleman.

I  had spent years pursuing the ultimate blonde goddess. Long flowing blond hair. Straight. Curly. But long haired cascading beyond the shoulders. Flowing locks. I was a slave to this vision. My head was on a pivot and if a blond went buy, like a magnet I would follow the blond tresses. I was brunette blind. Oh dear when I think of the women, even the ones bold enough to make obvious overtures, whose attentions I shunned due to hair pigmentation, au natural or not, it gives me the shivers.

So when this dark eyed, short cropped, black haired beauty knelt between my thighs, and slowly began to unbuckle, unzip, and de-pants me my eyes were transfixed upon her. I had watched her as she stood before me. She started with the buttons on her blouse as her brown eyes held me in their spell. I practically started drooling when the buttons were low enough and the blouse parted enough to show cleavage of  heavenly design and proportions. Shimmering brown skin bursting above a snow white bra revealed through the parted curtain of snow white blouse. It was a rhapsody in white and bulging breast flesh. I had slowly bulging flesh of my own as my eyes feasted on this brunette beauty.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Throat Clearing

She took my cock out of her mouth and rolled on her back. Judy begged me to fuck her tits. She coaxed me by pushing them together, engulfing me in a circulating ravine of fleshy wonder. Almost there transported by a thoroughly lovely breast pumping she changed her mind and I again found my prick piercing her lips repeatedly bouncing into the back of her yielding throat. The only pause came when she moaned, "Fuck my pretty face. Fuck my face with your cock."

I did.