Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pass Around Joy - 2 Bev's Flowing Ardor

There was much thrashing, smacking, and gnashing going on in the deep pool of blackness behind the front seat of my 1966 Pontiac Bonneville. Meanwhile I was awash in the moist resplendence and tossing throes between Beverly’s cheeks and tongue.

From the sounds and smells issuing from the back seat as well as the rocking of the auto springs it was clear that Reno was sliding into home base Joy. The final punctuation was one of Joy’s heels dancing atop the big back seat rest of the Pontiacs front bench seat.

Beverly and I initially lounged in the front seat looking out into the dark winter woods. Beverly snuggled close for warmth since we would be there a while as Reno had his evening of Joy. Beverly's long hair fell across her face and my chest and her hand slowly glided across my chest until what neither one of us set out to be slowly unfurled over us. The slight brush of my lips along her hairline. Her face imperceptibly turning up to meet me. The first pleasant exhale issued from her mouth on our first tentative kiss leading to the gasp of air as my tongue teased her tongue into my mouth leading to Bev’s soft suction lips fastening over mine and her pile driving her tongue down my throat in a frenzied abandon.

Just like her kiss, even when on her knees Beverly was all lips, tongue, and cheeks with nary a hint of teeth.

Mushy moist meringue mouth. Glorious soft wet endless suction swallowing me up.


I leaned back and draped my arm over the long slender steering column. Lifting my ass up for Bev to work my pants down releasing into the dashboard illuminated glinting pulsing rock hard head of my cock.

As her mouth poured over me I was grasping her bra-less pendulous breast under her shirt forming it roundly with my palm forcing her erect pointy hard nipple into the cone shaped aureole with great effect on Beverly’s breathing and fervor. She opened my shirt and traced her full lascivious lips past my chest and along my then taut tummy of those days.

Beverly’s face flowed over my cock with the sweet slurpy sounds of her soft sluice mouth which echoed through the empty forest preserve. This took all my attention from the festivities of Reno unwrapping Joy in the back seat. I originally had hopes of catching a visual introduction to Joy’s remarkable naked breasts in my rear-view mirror. But Beverly’s flowing ardor deserved all my attention.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pass Around Joy - 1 Packed and Stacked

Bonneville Beverly

Reno had the leading man good looks. I had the character actors mojo and a huge 1966 Pontiac Bonneville. Attending a commuter college made me an asset for lifts after late night theater rehearsals. One thing you learn is that some folks are just born to be romantic leading men and leading ladies. Others are relegated to supporting roles on stage. Still others work in the wings. So it is in the world stage too.

Reno wanted to work all directions of the up to down elevator shaft of social strata. He was of the mind to cash in on quantity rather than idealized quality. Tonight two women on the stage crew got caught up in the Reno jet stream that led to my car. I was beneficiary of that jet stream tonight. Actually for the entire run of this community theater production of “Carousel”. After all Billy and Jigger had to perfect their collusion. Tonight's stream deposited Joy in the back seat with Reno while Beverly’s butt landed shotgun. The Bonneville bus pulled out of the Junior College parking lot straight for ports heretofore unexplored.

Beverly had long flowing dishwater blonde hair that fell messily over her shoulders, front and back. Front covering her startlingly pointed and jiggly jugs, each perilously tipped with constantly erect nipples. Her hair in back floated above her soft flat ass which went luxuriously from one roomy hip to the other.

Parked in the forest preserve with Beverly and I in the front seat, Reno and Joy in the back, while The Nanny was waiting impatiently at her workplace for me to pick her up after theater practice.

I don't know why I always do this.

Well. Yes I do.

I fell in love way too young.

I stayed in love way too young.

Yet I wanted to partake of the strange and varied fruits that were out in the world.

Few were stranger or unusual than Beverly.

Fewer still were as bountiful as Joy.

Joy was all frizzy hair, glasses, boobs, and feminine curves everywhere else. Not stacked high, but packed and stacked to perfection.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ho Ho Ho

By now Brittany had rolled off Gina's face and watched transfixed as Gina' legs flailed in the air as I rammed in and out between her long luscious thighs. I could feel her tight bottom whirling and thrusting up to meet my every plunge. With Brittany now splayed back against the headboard my face could meet Gina's wonderful mouth still emanating with Brittany and finally taste all that her sweet fount had given. Bonus points for the vision of Gina's dark black hair fanning around her shimmering face had me fucking her hard brazen and boisterously. I felt Gina's sweet firm breasts press against me as our furious fuck maintained a delicious rhythm. Brittany charms faded as Gina's cunt enveloped my every attention. 

"I thought you,Gina exhaled hoarsly. "Came!" 

I grunted appreciatively 

I was sweating and panting in a whirl of lathered passion. Grunting like an oarsman while servicing the Mediterranean beauty as she emanated sweet guttural breathy 
pleasure whines pitched to a frequency that spurred me faster and faster, deeper and deeper into her stretching accepting and all encompassing nethers.

Her slim waist was on a swivel as her long limbs wrapped and her nails scratched in her passion throes. Her lips locked onto my neck and she sucked so hard I knew I would have a hickey. She became part Hoover as they locked again on my neck and she sucked in a a sloppy wet and slurping fashion

I had not had a hickey in years, and certainly never received one while fucking and bucking for all my worth. Now Brittany was moaning and with a glance I could see her fingers had found purchase of her sweet and neglected pussy. She made a pouting face as if to say, "But I thought it was me you wanted to fuck." I gave her an encouraging wink and returned to the long resolute fucking of Gina. First things first. After all she let Gina take me to her bedroom while she was busy chatting up our General Manager Ron. I wonder where Ron went? 

Gina rolled me with a "Fuck This!" Straddled me and began to examine my still stiff semen and cunt coated cock and started pulling and rubbing it on her stretched and weeping snatch. 

"Will you look at this Brit."  

"Will you look what I am rubbing it on." 

"Will you please take over." 

I could not see Brittany's reaction because Gina had me flat, prone, and erect in her cupped  hand. All I could see was the ceiling and all I could feel was her soaked slit buried deep in her thick black bush on the bottom of my cock while my balls resided under her dripping cunt. She was still working me roughly like a bar of soap. Rubbing me on her snatch pressing my prick to her most desired places with the precision of an portrait painters oiled up brush.
"He sure seems to like you a lot." Brittany teased. 

"Well tis the season." Gina sighed, "So it's your turn to get fucked jolly." 

"Ho Ho Ho," said I.