Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pass Around Joy - 5 Nanny Ride

Shine On

On entering my tiny coach house we made a brief stop at the ancient fridge. We each grabbed a cold Drewrys and Nanny led the way to the small room with the large floor flopped mattress that dominated the space. Only the large wooden console Hi Fi, turntable, and equally bulky speaker cabinet on the other side of the area added to the room’s decor.

I put on side one of “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd and watched approvingly as the Nanny sprawled out on the floor level mattress with her long legs splayed for comfort.

Nanny had legs that made grown men burst into tears just watching her walk by, but here tonight with the silly knee socks of the nanny uniform she was like some Mary Poppins meets Catholic school girl mash-up. Her sipping a beer, limbs all akimbo, ensconced on my bed as the music rose had me set down my beer and drop slowly between her knees. My hand traced gently over her stocking top as she said, “If you are a good boy I’ll leave the socks on.”

She knew me too well.

As my eyes rested on the white cotton stripe under her skirt. I caught the hint of soft dewy blond hair peeking around the corners of her panties. She reflexively demurred as all ladies do. Her knees came together obscuring the precious panorama. But as my eyes slowly traversed her long stretched out body, resting momentarily on the sweet ice cream scoop sized globes still uniformed for nanny duty, my eyes went to hers and she met my gaze. Her thighs relaxed and her knees parted invitingly. My guilt owed her a bit of attention that our busy schedules had precluded of late.

My attentions began just above the knee sock with a volley of kisses, little licks, and bold nibbles as gravity guided my face down her taut white thigh to that place where my index finger had moved aside the cotton barrier. Moist tender blond fringed pink lips were revealed. While the index finger held pantie at bay the middle finger ventured forth into the great moistened terrain and began to burrow into the Nanny up to the knuckle. Dipping into Nanny brought passion swiftly to bear and joy when my tongue was applied to quivering cunt lips that parted invitingly as her thighs spread wide.

Invitation RSVP’d I withdrew my finger and replaced the fully parted portal with my circling tongue creating a vortex of pleasure upon her pussy. When the time was nigh I flattened my tongue spreading cunt lips wide and lapped slowly up to her clit which responded heroically. It stood it’s ground proudly, but yielded Nanny a gasping climax. Some women are thigh clampers. Some women are thigh spreaders. The Nanny was a spreader and she spread wide when she came. Rolling her large arse in circular delight with each tremor amour.

We were not verbal lovers. We were not vocal lovers. It was all body language with the Nanny and I.

By the time “Welcome to the Machine” was playing we were as one. The Nanny’s upper lip had pulled back baring her teeth as she panted through open mouth. Her cute little nose did that thing it did when she was chewing toast or cumming. She was not chewing toast. We rolled in blissful unison until she was above fiercely trying to finish me off. How different her cunt was from Beverly’s mouth. Firm woman flesh with bouncing bottom devouring my cock with each fall of paradise.

My flat tummy and the Nanny’s toned abs over prominent mound revealed a view of the repeated introduction of my dick into her over heating twat. Each withdrawal was an opportunity to watch her pussy devour my shaft anew. We fucked until our mutual orgasm caused the record stylus to skitter across the platter from the fierce thumping we were giving the floor and each other.

We shimmered like diamonds in each other's arms sleeping to the tune of a center paper label repelling a stylus back on to vinyl all night long.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


 Gina was not giving up the controls easily. So Brittany teased the head of me with her pointed little tongue. The side view of Brittany on all fours, her red hair obscuring my view of her tongues delicious work on and around my shaft with teasing little burrows into Gina's delicious furrows was sensation enough. I enjoyed Brittany's breast, which held their pleasing round shape even with gravity tugging at them in her doggy position. Her tummy flat and rump raised would have made me wish for a position if her oral delights and Gina/s special clit friction had not made me moan out loud. 

I closed my eyes in sweet satisfaction. When they opened again I found two shimmering faces poised behind my extra stiff self both teasing up and down the shaft with flicking licking tongues. Gina's frizzy black hair a diaphonique veil when she took her turn working mercilessly down me until I felt the back of her throat while Brittany looked on. When freed from Ginas mouth Brittany brushed Gina's hair back to reveal my cock shimmering in the low bedroom light. 
Taking the challenge and my shimmering knob in her dark red almost maroon  lipsticked mouth Brittany ever so slowly worked her tongue on the very underside of my ponderous bulb, her tongue snaking down my member like a serpent on a sturdy tree limb. Gina, not to be idle found my ball sack irresistible and set about licking the remains of our lust while Brittany adjusted her angle of attack to indulge Gina's whimsical ball serenade, all the while continuing her sweet descent down on me. 

In addition to the oral sensation I was receiving I had the added show of two nimble twenty something year old bodies with rumps upraised and Brittany's delicacy in clear view as she maneuvered above me increasing angle and access for Gina's Ball bag sonata. 

When Brittany's long nights journey finally brought her mouth to an end her throat gagged and then Valhalla opened up and I felt my dick slide into her relaxing and accommodating throat which quickly tightened and she began working her way back up with continued tongue enticementbut at a swifter rate.  Brittany set about the task of fucking me with her mouth in earnest.

Her folds wept from above onto my chest hair and shimmered like diamonds on this winters eve, so reached for the source and thumbed and fingered her pages into a frenzy which was transmitted to the vim and vigor with which she sucked my cock. 

One finger found entrance while my thumb ran sweet circles around her clit and she rewarded me with a building suction and hands flailing up and down the slippery pole between her lips. 
Gina's tongue ran up the under of my prick and the two lovely mouths met in a deep kiss all around mmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....................... 

I was comingYet I was going. I felt the sperm flowing out of me in fiery thick lumps and savory sauces and saw it covering their lips, face an tongue. I did not mean to come on their faces but it was happening. Now? Why confused? Where am I going. I don't want to go. Not Now. Not. 

I woke to find Toni. But no book. Then the whole twenty additional years of marriage slithered into my memory. Slithers were not going to be a problem because sex with Toni was even more nonexistent. In the memories of a twenty year extension of the original fourteen year debacle it became plain that I would be here a while. 

A look in the mirror cemented the horror of what an extra decade in a miserable relationship will do to a body. Time was running out to find the notebook. To have an inkling of where I had slithered from and what I was missing faded as I melted into the nowThis was the wrong now. The now that never was. I looked helplessly for the notebook until I forgot what the notebook was and what I needed it for until I forgot what I had forgotten and forgot to look.The never was that was the memories that never were of the  contemptible marriage continuation that never should have been washed over me and erased all clues of how to ever return to the right now. 

“What are you doing?” I heard Toni ask in her toneless flat Tennessee tinged twang. 
I felt the visceral loathing rise up in me at the sound. 

It was years before a chance meeting with Tami that my cryptic and phantasmagorical notebook again came into play.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pass Around Joy - 4 Moke-A-Joint

The Nanny Ride

The ride home with the Nanny was indeed frosty. Not only since I had driven there with the windows rolled down to air out the spacious double couch design of the Bonneville, hoping that the scent of other women and male splooge would be whisked away on the wind. Now with the heater on the atmosphere within was still frosty.

“So that guy must be used to giving their Nannie’s a ride home.” I said sheepishly.

“No. I am their first nanny.” she said coldly, adding “They had an Au Pair before me.”

“An oh pair of what?” I asked trying to weasel my way through with humor.

Au Pair. A. U.  P. A. I. R. silly.” The Nanny giggled after a brief attempt not to be thawed. “Some foriegn chick that lived in and cared for the kids.” she concluded.

“Cozy.” Was all that I could say as I imagined a foreign floozy in the family home.

“Maybe too cozy.” The Nanny added cryptically.

Not cryptically enough as the tableau of the wife looking anxiously after the hubby and the Nanny out the window as they headed for his car when I arrived replayed in my mind. The plot was thickening.

I glanced over and noticed just how hot she looked in her Nanny uniform. Especially since I knew what this rather prim and proper garb obscured. I am sure her middle aged male client had noticed the same. I knew her female client knew.

No generation gap there.

As the Bonneville cut through the frosty night the Nanny curled up next to me in the front seat and placed her head on my shoulder just where Beverly had cuddled an hour earlier. Only the Nanny had a shorter, lighter, and certainly better maintained coiffer than the Bev.

“I know it’s late, but can we go to your place for a bit.” She cooed, ”Maybe moke -a joint.” she said in the mock stoner baby talk jargon we had adopted.

“I can do better than that.”  I pulled one out of my pocket and pushed the car cigarette lighter in. As the smoke wafted through the cabin I knew the scent of my betrayal trail had been covered.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pass Around Joy -3. Meanwhile

All this while the Nanny was waiting.

Beverly's mouth was confusing. I was lost in her. As I watched my shaft disappeared into her moist lips and where I would usually hit the back of a throat or get a bit of a gag out of a girl, all I felt was the sweet soft moist continuation. I watched the back of Bev’s head closely half expecting her long hair to form a tent, yet still she swallowed up to my balls with nary a gag with nothing but the sensation of soft tongue, cheek, hard palate or teeth to distract. I was agog.

Beverly slowly pulled her head up maintaining sweet succulent suction that nearly pulled my balls through the business end of my cock. When she reached the top our eyes met. With my pole shimmering from her spittle she gave me a delicious wink full of wanton promise and pride.
Her hands slipped under my ass, taking cheeks firmly in her hands, and guided me as I bucked into her mouth with abandon.

I lost track of time as well as the back seat follies until it happened.

The car dome light flashed blindingly freezing a flashbulb moment in time. Reno getting out of the car mumbling about shaking hands with the governor, Beverly’s eyes looking up at me watering, with only the tip of my dick still enveloped in her warm slushy heaven. Joy leaning over the back seat getting a full blown gander at my length and girth.

Beverly knew that Joys sights had been re-calibrated just as I came with such force that Beverly's cheeks puffed out then burst forth covering the entire front seat, steering wheel, and dashboard of the 1966 Pontiac Bonneville with my prodigious twenty year old special delivery splooge.

In the days prior to cell phones when you were out and about you were indeed out and about.

Rehearsal ending time was always TBD so I had wiggle room with the pick up time for my steady girl from her nanny job.

Wiggle would be the watchword for tonight's late arrival. I was late. When I saw the Nanny walking with her client to his car I could tell by the look on her face I would not be wiggling, but doing some serious squirming all the way home. I had not yet realized that the reason Nanny changed direction and headed to my car was the loss of plausible deniability after my arrival with her clients wife looking out the front room window taking in the scene.