Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pass Around Joy - 5 Nanny Ride

Shine On

On entering my tiny coach house we made a brief stop at the ancient fridge. We each grabbed a cold Drewrys and Nanny led the way to the small room with the large floor flopped mattress that dominated the space. Only the large wooden console Hi Fi, turntable, and equally bulky speaker cabinet on the other side of the area added to the room’s decor.

I put on side one of “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd and watched approvingly as the Nanny sprawled out on the floor level mattress with her long legs splayed for comfort.

Nanny had legs that made grown men burst into tears just watching her walk by, but here tonight with the silly knee socks of the nanny uniform she was like some Mary Poppins meets Catholic school girl mash-up. Her sipping a beer, limbs all akimbo, ensconced on my bed as the music rose had me set down my beer and drop slowly between her knees. My hand traced gently over her stocking top as she said, “If you are a good boy I’ll leave the socks on.”

She knew me too well.

As my eyes rested on the white cotton stripe under her skirt. I caught the hint of soft dewy blond hair peeking around the corners of her panties. She reflexively demurred as all ladies do. Her knees came together obscuring the precious panorama. But as my eyes slowly traversed her long stretched out body, resting momentarily on the sweet ice cream scoop sized globes still uniformed for nanny duty, my eyes went to hers and she met my gaze. Her thighs relaxed and her knees parted invitingly. My guilt owed her a bit of attention that our busy schedules had precluded of late.

My attentions began just above the knee sock with a volley of kisses, little licks, and bold nibbles as gravity guided my face down her taut white thigh to that place where my index finger had moved aside the cotton barrier. Moist tender blond fringed pink lips were revealed. While the index finger held pantie at bay the middle finger ventured forth into the great moistened terrain and began to burrow into the Nanny up to the knuckle. Dipping into Nanny brought passion swiftly to bear and joy when my tongue was applied to quivering cunt lips that parted invitingly as her thighs spread wide.

Invitation RSVP’d I withdrew my finger and replaced the fully parted portal with my circling tongue creating a vortex of pleasure upon her pussy. When the time was nigh I flattened my tongue spreading cunt lips wide and lapped slowly up to her clit which responded heroically. It stood it’s ground proudly, but yielded Nanny a gasping climax. Some women are thigh clampers. Some women are thigh spreaders. The Nanny was a spreader and she spread wide when she came. Rolling her large arse in circular delight with each tremor amour.

We were not verbal lovers. We were not vocal lovers. It was all body language with the Nanny and I.

By the time “Welcome to the Machine” was playing we were as one. The Nanny’s upper lip had pulled back baring her teeth as she panted through open mouth. Her cute little nose did that thing it did when she was chewing toast or cumming. She was not chewing toast. We rolled in blissful unison until she was above fiercely trying to finish me off. How different her cunt was from Beverly’s mouth. Firm woman flesh with bouncing bottom devouring my cock with each fall of paradise.

My flat tummy and the Nanny’s toned abs over prominent mound revealed a view of the repeated introduction of my dick into her over heating twat. Each withdrawal was an opportunity to watch her pussy devour my shaft anew. We fucked until our mutual orgasm caused the record stylus to skitter across the platter from the fierce thumping we were giving the floor and each other.

We shimmered like diamonds in each other's arms sleeping to the tune of a center paper label repelling a stylus back on to vinyl all night long.


  1. This is turning into a delectable tale!

  2. Oh dear. Here I was shooting more for delectable tail. :-)