Thursday, June 6, 2013

Slammie's / Slammie's Holiday Blowout

          Just a half hour before as I was grinding my cock deep into Debbie with hip swirls and pushing abandon. It was also within the hour that she had moaned those fateful words.

“Do what ever you want to me.”

Words that kept running through my head. Meanwhile, Cathy the bartender seemed to be looking at me with those same thoughts.

These were my thoughts as I had my nightcap at Slammies. I was also remembering what Cathy looked like ten years earlier. Even now a striking woman, my memory of her splayed out in the back seat of my 1966 Pontiac Star Chief Executive as a twenty something college student was a fitting coup de grâce to one of my randiest evenings ever. Sure my dick was still moist with Debbie, but the sight of Cathy's ass in black spandex was reminding me of different days. Different women as well.

I took the walk to the mens room in the back of the bar and I was brought back to a long ago encounter.

It was a day or two before Christmas ten years before. Cathy was tending bar at this same place. Rene and I came in to see our friends. All of us having more or less turned twenty one in the last year. This was a new event for us all. Actually drinking legally in this place as well as having a peer for a bartender.

The place wasn't fancy, and certainly not busy. At this point the owner knew the only reason anyone was there was because of Cathy. At five foot nine, long legs, her tight blue jeans, and ample breasts lurking beneath a flowing blouse that would spill a glimpse of said large blond girl breasts with each drink delivery. She had many friends in the neighborhood which insured no trouble ignited from those spilling bosoms. It was a match made in commerce heaven.

It was snowing out and quite cozy in our little neighborhood bar. As Rene and I perched on our bar stools feeling quite adult the door opened. In came Diana. Diana was a petite woman. Rene hated her. Diana was best friends with Rene’s little sister and as big sisters do, she blamed her sister's friends for any trouble her little sister got into. But they were always civil to one another and Diana parked her keyster in the stool next to me. She did that a lot.

She also would find a way to press her thigh against mine discreetly which would always get me a bit flushed and flustered. Tonight it would be a different kind of flush and much less fluster.

We cocktailed a bit, and Rene and Cathy were having a long drawn out conversation about one thing or another. Those two could chat up a storm. I needed to go shake hands with the governor, so I rose and went to the john. I didn't notice that Diana had followed behind. A delightful little behind it was.

As I started to close the door to the small mens room, I felt resistance and before I knew it Diana was in the tiny washroom with me and was locking the door.

"Ho Ho Ho" she said with her raspy voice.

"Ho Ho Ho indeed," I replied smartly

She parked her butt on the toilet next to the urinal, and said, "First things first. You will have to hold on for a moment. But let me help you with that." She smartly, pulled down my fly, reached in and pulled out my cock. Pushing it up and flat against my shirt Diana slowly ran her tongue from where the shaft exited my fly over the now expanding distance to the huge knob on the end of the rather thin shaft. Diana wrapped her fingers around the shaft and worked her little fist vigorous to make me hard . At that age it did not take much.

"My, my my said the spider to the fly," she looked up at me with hazel eyes and her full cheeks all crimson and freckled. With that she engulfed my swelling joint in her small mouth which she labored to get over the massive knob. A feat which seemed to make her puffy red cheeks all the more pronounced. Although she could not get very much more in to her mouth and certainly not skilled at getting it down her throat, the way she slobbered and sucked and hummed all over the knob brought me to a jarring climax in embarrassingly record time.

Releasing my prick she looked up at me with watering eyes and said, "That's quite the ornament you have on the end of that thing. Maybe someday you will think about burying it in my pussy." she said through cum dripping lips. "That's what I am asking Santa for." With that she slipped out the door as quickly as she had entered leaving me weak kneed and hoping that no one in the bar noticed her entrance or exit. Fortunately, that little tryst took no time at all.

As I opened the bathroom door tonight, all was quiet in the bar. It was late on a week night, or should I say early morning, so I realized it was only Cathy and I in the place. I saw Cathy leaning against the pool table and I noticed the Beer Lights in the front window were turned off. The universal sign of go away this bar is closed. Cathy was eye to eye with me given the fact that her rump was planted on the edge of the pool table.

She asked in her best smokey whiskey drinking voice, “How about some stick?”

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