Sunday, April 20, 2014

Smitten by The Easter Bunny...

It is better to give than receive.

As we sat there looking across to each other it became apparent that one of the good things about the inadequacies of language is that some things need not be said.

“Let me turn up the heat and draw you a bath.” I said as I rose.

I was please to find upon entering the bathroom that Judy, although a very busy woman, had not been neglecting herself. She had a wide array of scented bath oils and crystals as well as a large bathing sponge and plenty of clean fluffy towels. I chose a pleasantly scented oil that was half full, found a ideal temperature and allowed the bath to begin filling as slowly as possible. When I returned I found she had positioned herself in her meditation area and breathing the deep relaxed cadence of one experienced in the practice.

As I knelt down before her she looked at me through half closed eyes and said “Even though Rene filled me in about this, I can’t say I am sure of what I do?” Rene was a girlfriend of mine from college days, and Judy was the sister of my best friend to this day. Judy and I went back a long way.

“That’s the whole point,” I said softly, “ You do just what you are doing now, breath, clear your mind of everything and just experience with all your being. There are no goals to be reached. Only each eternal moment.” We sat eye to eye and I allowed my breathing to match hers as I admired the beauty before me. When I had cleared my mind of everything but her I rose and led her by the hand to the bath.

I slowly unbuttoned the heavy winter sweater she was wearing sensing that the temperature in the room was now sufficiently comfortable and slid it from her shoulders, then lifted the lighter silk garment that she wore beneath slowly over her yellow mane and laid gentle kisses on every area of slowly revealed alabastrine skin. Being a fair haired blond her skin was radiant. I let each discarded garment gently fall to the tile. As I released her full and delicious breasts from their fabric embrace I added appropriate licks and ever so gentle nibbles where appropriate. I knew the marks from the bondage of these astonishingly full breasts would be washed away with the warm soapy bath. As I unbuttoned the woolen skirt and slid it down over the curve of  her hips and over her engagingly small derriere I took extra care with the kissing and teasing proximity to my eventual poetic palette. Judy’s breath was quickening and I had to be mindful to keep mine even. Eventually the woolen skirt and kisses made there way to the ground floor roving along the longest legs I have ever run caresses down. I took the opportunity for additional and apparently pleasantly invigorating near kisses with the removal of her simple and sheer panties. She placed her hand on my head gently to steady herself as I rolled the silk stockings over her feet. While kneeling in front of her I looked up to see wide blue eyes past brimming round breasts and delicately moist flaxen haired folds. It was clear my attentions were being fully appreciated.

I took her hand as she stepped into the tub, and while she stood there I used the scented water and bath sponge alternating with intimately placed and tender kisses to cover every inch of this majestic blond. As I lowered her into the tub I said, ”Now just soak and relax for a bit. As she sank into the warm and lushly slick water I slowly removed my clothes while she watched and splashed a bit as she luxuriated herself with the sponge. When I was through and stood before her she looked me up and down and quipped, “It looks like you are enjoying this as well”, and giggled like the eighteen year old girl I remembered.

“I’ll prepare the other room” I remarked and I grabbed some towels as I left. I lit some candles and used some of her sandalwood incense. I set up Judy’s massage table in the middle of the room and perused the selection of massage oils she had on hand and selected what would be the best for the encounter. I looked about approvingly and focused awareness again on the moment .

After drying Judy and leading her to her table I observed with awe as she stretched out on her back on the freshly laid towels. Her breasts spilled down her sides as she positioned herself and and I knelt between her thighs. I selected the oil and warmed it in my hands knowing that the room had heated enough for us both to be comfortable and naked in for quite some time. I began caressing her gently all over, paying attention to nothing but her in my hands, as I gazed into her diaphanous blue eyes. While above her I utilized some of my yoga positions to make minimal but effective bodily contact while reaching treasured areas of her full and generous charms. Sometimes she would succumb and follow that most human desire to give pleasure while receiving it but I would gently caress her hand and kiss it back to her side. Her breathing became quicker and sighs began issuing from deep within her being. Time became inconsequential to us both, but when the moment came after a longing search of each others eyes while kisses were exchanged it was then that I traversed her length once more with lips, tongue, and hands while I knelt between her now upraised knees and began that most intimate of massages. Initial contact sent a rippling wave through her whole glorious body, which seemed to continue as I explored further. Occasionally her hand would go to a place and I would begin special focus there allowing her hands to relax again with the knowledge that this was a sensitive area that needed special attentions. As the kneading moved slowly from the exterior to the inner realms I felt contact with her very being as the come hither of my fingers massaged deep within my Judy. I felt a massive release and exhalation of quaking breath. While she collected her breathing and sensory faculties, I knew it was poetry time.

Her eyes were glassy, but her breathing was fluid and deep. As I worked tongue and lips down her upraised leg and looked at her face I again saw the many faces of Judy, from teenage dream to aspiring young lady, facets I witnessed through the years all culminating in the mature confident woman flushed from a spiritual passion deep within. When my lips reached her moist pink veiled folds and I began with a tender yet gentle flourish to share my poem, with some ad libs for effect of course, I felt her moan through her entire body and we wailed our impassioned mantra as one. With my tongue between Judy's thighs I  found her particular joy when I would make a revision and have to scratch out my error by rolling my tongue into an eraser which upon application would evoke a peak of epic proportions. I think I was making mistakes on purpose, only to resume as my tongue made sweeping calligraphic strokes and I tasted her flowing bliss.

I was recalling the first time I met Judy after my return to the city. Being an old family friend I was invited by her mother to share Easter dinner with the family. Here was a woman whom I remember as a wild teenager, a married woman and now was presented with this delightful divorcee. I remembered my feelings at that meeting and I was sharing them now in the most intimate of ways. This was my evenings composition recalling that first meeting as I composed on Judy’s moist pink palette as it parted pleasingly beneath my quivering tongue de plume...

Smitten by The Easter Bunny...

The Easter Bunny
made an appearance today
when I least expected it
There she was
fair haired
soft blue eyes
peaches and cream complexion
cute nose
even cuter tail
full figured
delightful smile
wonderful laugh
yet intriguingly vulnerable
a walking talking basket of goodies

and then I woke up
Or did I.......

That last series of dots did it.

I can only hope bad poetry never felt so fine.

I rose from my knees to view the five foot ten inch full figured blond woman sprawled glowingly spent on her massage table. While I admired my handy work of lingering shivering shakes, Judy looked up at me through slits concealing glazed blue eyes and her moist ruby lips parted rewarding me with a smile I had only seen in dreams long ago.

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