Monday, June 13, 2016


So I watched Judy rise out of bed. I can never take my eyes off of her when she is naked. I know she likes that. She has told me she finds it reassuring. I concur. When you stop looking at the person in your life when they are naked it is all over. Not finishing. Not coming into the home stretch, but full and well kaput.
Her breasts. Glorious tits might I add were still full and round with ever prominent erect nipples. Sensitive occasional orgasm inducing nipples. Well, more than occasional. She can squirm and seep from an errant brush of a hand over said rack of desire. A well placed tweak betwixt thumb and forefinger can elicit a gasp and full body quiver. It may have taken a lifetime of difficult, petulant, hard to never being pleased women in my life to arrive here. But here I ever gratefully am.  

Sure you might be thinking , "Where's the challenge in that?" I will take the endless stream of pleasure derived and pleasure given of this most satisfying of sexual relationships. You can keep your hard fought conquests. Been there. Done that. 
I felt myself rally as I watched her small behind exit the room and I hoped wherever she wandered in our home in the sky she wouldn't tarry. Because I was going to take her around the block one more time. 

Life was good. I rolled over and hung my head over the edge of the bed. I enjoyed the bottoms of the clouds as they floated over Lake Michigan. I could see sail boats that had headed out this beautiful spring morning early in the season. I hoped they were experienced because Lake Michigan can throw some serious spitballs at the novice and occasional foolishly bold part time mariners. I was awash in self satisfaction with my navigation of some perilous financial waters to have arrived here at this best time of my life. It was reassing how secure I was feeling and why that should feel new to me since It had been over a decade since I had even the slightest trepidation of my income waning gibbous in relation to my outflows. The one decision of cutting my losses through a painful divorce before more damage could be done financially was in my view the turning point. Never again will I make that error. 

I liked my bed up here in the clouds with the wall of windows that look out over the big lake  with my head hung over the side of the big four poster bed. I enjoyed fucking other women in this bed that Toni picked out. I liked her demand to get it in the settlement. I dug my heels in on that one and since I had paid for everything in out fourteen year marriage I won. I have enjoyed digging my heels in while fucking the other woman that rode this four posted monstrosity as they rode me. Many noted that it did not seem to be my taste in furniture but I deflected with a vague reference to sentimental value and kept my lurid fucking revenge reveries to myself. 

Why spoil a moment. 

I watched the boats sail on the ceiling of blue as the puffy cotton ball clouds made a moving carpet of peace. I was at peace now. 
It was then my upside down landscape was replaced by the perfectly place blonde fringed pussy du Judy at the perfect height for a perfect lickin.  

"Am I blocking your view?" Judy purred  

The high elevation of the bed and the length of Judy's legs were the best argument ever for predestination so I reached up, grasped ass, and pulled her fresh out of the shower cunt to my eagerly salivating mouth. Both snatch and tongue were prelubbed for her oral pleasuring which she leaned into and exclaimed, "Oui Oui Pierre mon fleur, as she bore witness to my stiffening prick. 

I was lost in flowing folds as she sank low to meet my adoring tongue and her legs parted to reveal my upsidedown lakescape once more. I floated on her scent and plumbed and bobbed in her snatch when she said cryptically "You just got back so that stiff one will have to wait to be released."  

I felt her legs buckle as she slid off my face into a quivering lump of orgasm jello. 
admired my day with my mast rising high, spread eagle on my post marital bed. With hopes of a special Judy fuck demurred from just moments ago, I was still ever hopeful in spite of wondering what Judy meant by me just getting back.  
I had no recall of the previous slither by now. 

Judy looked wonderful splayed on the floor, her taste fresh I my lips, and my hard on raging to my nethers that I needed to feel her delightfully tight pussy split as my cock found it's way into her heavenly splendor. How a woman her age could still be tighter than some ass I sampled was a joy and mystery to be revered. Just the thought had me slipping and stretching my six foot frame over her five foot three blonde on blonde body like a puffer fish showing off to intimidate.
Judy knew me harmless and said, "Seems you need a refresher. Go read your journal and see if your really want to take the chance of another of your time spurting cummings and goings?" 
"Journal?" Was all I could muster as my erection toyed with sounding taps after mystery had confronted meUsually my fires no longer burn at the same level of Kelvin as they have in the past, but this morning they were off the scale. As my Judy lay on the carpet in our high rise home, her large soft breasts pulled apart and resting nicely in her armpits, her freshly eaten pussy still splayed and moist from my oral ministrations. Her womanly essence radiating up to me called me to straddled her at her stomach and placed my mast in between her large fluffy bald armpit kittens. She sighed and pushed them together engulfing me in her bath oiled and scented breasts and said "I hope you stick around after. But I can never even can tell when you leave, so it's no skin off my tits."  

I was beyond listening or even caring at this point. I could tell she was welcoming me with her breasts and her cryptic warnings meant nothing to me at this point. I just felt my cock sliding in the lizard brain induced bucking hip thrusting motion of fucking a desirous female in places that will not propagate the species. Judy would greet the tip of my prick with a tongue swipe when it traveled up to her mouth only to slide back between her glorious boobs. 

Repeat, enjoy. Repeat, enjoy. Repeat, enjoy. When my cum flowed it came in velocity and ferocity of a twenty year old me as it spurted. On her beautiful face. Ooof. Her glorious tits. uuuHHH. Her elegant neck. AHHHHHHH. Her......Schluuuup.

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