Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Pass Around Joy - 9. Rehearsing for Disaster

For once I was grateful for a Saturday morning rehearsal. It was the last week before the musical extravaganza opened this coming Friday. I was able to leave my hungover trio flopped around my coach house without complicating my love life further. Perhaps the long drought before my recent relationship made me insecure and unwilling to pass by the bounty of this theater season's harvest. Or more likely it is a young person's endocrine system thinking for his limbic system. All that aside with both Beverly and Joy being at this all day rehearsal my juggling act will get a workout. Since both women were stage crew they would be particularly busy on this last week of prep when so much has to come together at once.  

Once backstage I was first greeted with a nod from Joy and no more. She was about her business flying scenery so with a nod back I had completed check in number one. Furtively. Beverly was another story.

Greeted with a big hug and coming in for a bigger kiss apparently she was going about her feminine take possession dance and staking her claim for all to see. I was able to play the Hollywood hug game but I could feel her disappointment when I demurred on the full tongue kiss and deflected to the air cheek smooch mode greeting.

“I looked for you after practice last night but I guess I missed the ride home scheduled departure.” she thinly inquired.

“No schedule. Just those who get caught up in the jet stream of the moment it seems.” I stated noncommittally as ever.

“I see. “ Beverly stated flatly and added the ever dreaded, “Well we’ll have to talk later.” Much more a demand than a request which I knew I could not worm out of but only delay. I watched her walk away and her hair hovering inches above her flat but delightful derriere. The wheels started chugging again. She had charms yet to be explored and I did not want to relinquish any options yet. But matters of the heart are always tricky and fundamental accords must be clear and mutually agreed on. To bad sometimes language plays us all for chumps and chumpettes at times.

Just then I felt a hand sliding down my ass and find it’s way to my hanging dick. While this hand slid down the length it discovered to the cudgel on the end just as two sturdy tits planted themselves squarely on my back.

“Oh my!” Bwana exclaimed with a huff. “I think I missed something special last night.”

All this Joy and Bev had erased my staircase workout with Bwana from my frontal lobe. Right or left lobe was to be determined. Was she referring to what she now had in hand, or had Joy been spinning tales to the cast.

Bwana was breathtaking in her sunshine yellow Danskins. Her muscular frame would never be ballet bound, but with her proud breasts barely contained, and no tutu to shield that perfect gap between her strong toned thighs my eyes feasted unabashedly. When my eyes finished their roving visual ravishing of her perfect body, my gaze reached her eyes to search for the answer to the question about what she meant.

“Hello. I’m glad you made it up here.” was all she said with a smirk.

With her body dressed for a rehearsal in the chorus as a dancer; I am certain my eyes were not the first to take that trip. Being a principal all I had to do this day was listen for my cues, go over the script to lock down those lines I have been carelessly paraphrasing in the past, and ogle the abundance of women that these musical extravaganzas alway seemed to attract. The male, female ratio was always in the straight males favor. I found a nice secluded spot and settled in.

Reno was working hard on the Cindy who was playing the Julie Jordan lead in this musical. To my eye he was making no headway. Though they were community theater players one could not help but wonder if there was another kind of chemistry building between them. But the real life Cindy was no doe eyed Julie Jordan and she kept the real life Reno at a distance, no matter how coy she was with the onstage Billy. They would not be the first on stage characters to consummate in real life at a cast party an opening night.

Joy on the other hand projected decided indifference to Reno, marginal aloofness to me, and apparent outward fondness for a hulking stage hand which she would make sure she flirted with when in mine, Reno’s, or for that matter anyone's view.

What a difference a day makes.

I on the other hand needed to make excuses for not playing taxi driver today, no matter how sweet the tips have been, with a fabricated heading out of state for a family get together on Sunday.

Really  I needed some Nanny time because with the show opening the next weekend we would have little time to share with work, school, and …. Show biz!

Excuses made at end of rehearsal I slipped off for an evening of Nanny care.

When I opened the door I hardly recognized the place. Nanny had cleaned, laundered, and even cooked a sumptuous dinner for two. She looked elegant in her leisure attire,. A  tight soft fluffy black sweater that clung to her breasts, but showed them off with a loving hug. Midriff bared showing off taut white tummy. HIp hugger jeans of an deep pink, perhaps salmon hue showed off her womanly hips to best advantage, slung low enough where hip end and thighs started to plunge with that small creases above either leg led to the sweet promised swale of desire. A delicate string of pearls, slung around her long delicate neck only obscured where her almost white blond hair teased her shoulders and throat. In this candlelit feast she glowed.

We were alone for the evening. I took her in my arms and felt her body mold to mine as only two young lovers that have shared themselves can meld. The shared knowledge learned from years together when kindled properly, nurtured with affection, and common respect can be a waltz of pleasure leading to the sublime.

My hands held firm on her bare backed midriff as I pulled her close. Her knee slipped between mine to rub my throbbing cock with her inner thigh. I felt her skin warm from the contact and her kiss deepened and her breath filled me. She pulled me close enough that I could feel her taut little nipples through the full soft fabric of her sweater.

“Your dinner will have to wait. I want mine.”

Her hand reached for my zipper. I knew the treat I was in for. From the shy girl she had been years before had blossomed a woman who had an almost unrelenting desire to feel my cock with her tongue every chance she got. A fixation I was always happy to encourage.

“You're lucky you’re not wearing those stupid button fly jeans today. Those can be a mood killer for me,” she said over the slow steady sound of a zipper being lowered.

I was going to say, an errant zipper in the wrong place can do more than just hurt my mood, but I know when to dummy up and just enjoy.

She again kissed me while her newly manicured, color coordinated with her jeans, fingers deftly worked me out of the zipper danger zone. A nice touch that I noted as she lowered herself to her knees, using me as a stripper pole, while brushing my now steely pole with her gentle cheek and soft white blond hair. The middle part was perfect as her head slowly moved forward and took as much of my cock as her sweet mouth could handle.

Her tongue swirled. Hear head bobbed. Her lips did the magic while her blue eyes peered up at me earnestly. Searching my face. She pulled back so her tongue could tease the tip of my prick and lick the purple engorged head.

Mouth freed she said lustily. “You come in my mouth or no dinner for you.” Her well appointed slender fingers pressed my painfully erect member up to my belly button and her exquisite tongue painted a large swatch of salavi across my ball sack and then followed the long and a winding side to side trail up the shaft of my prick until released to gravity’s fall and placed perfectly before her sweet mouth.  She lunged forward in earnest and now I was feeling the back of her throat with each bob and weave in artistic performance precision.

Transported to abandon I held her head and started pumping into her face full force to which she opened wide while I fell into to her deeper than I ever thought possible,

After all was cum and done she looked up at me through watering eyes and streaming mascara with a big gulp, grinned through smeared lipstick and announced, “Soups on.”

With that she smiled sweetly and rose from her knees.

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