Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun House, Wherehouse, Their House / Do Respect Her Butt

November 4

I planned to do nothing but get up to change channels on the TV and adjust the rabbit ears for better reception, Nothing beats NFL football on a chilly autumn Sunday.

No dreams, no regrets, just the fond memories of Rene's blond hair spread over the black leather seats of the Bonneville.  Mouth open and grunting in unison with each thrust. My hands holding her glorious full round ass cheeks and spreading them wider with each thrust into her cunt. When my fingers slowly worked into her as well, spreading her flowing fount of sweet juice around that sweet stretched area between her pussy and her butt hole. She moaned her loud and rousing approval. When my index finger, slick from her started to gently prod her anus she looked up a bit surprised through glassy yet trusting eyes. As I gently worked my finger up her rear her initial alarm morphed smoothly into passion and she quickly came her glorious ass swallowing my finger all the way up to the second knuckle giving us both shattering climaxes. I lowered my self and ran my tongue over each of her taut erect nipples in turn which led to a heavy exhale of breath from beneath Rene's small round breasts.  But when I stayed hard and continued pumping in to her gloriously cushioned quim bringing her to another and then one more soul withering spurting orgasm our joined rivers of lust formed a puddle on the now slick black leather automobile seats. She exhaled her pet name for me, "Oh Pooh" and drew me close to her lovely tits and I enjoyed each shake and shimmy of her full  five foot nine blond on blond frame.

The telephone rang. I went and answered it. It was Rene.

She said she was taking a break from her homework. She said she wanted to make sure I did not think she was angry. As she put it, "I really loved those thingy's you were doing with your tongue, you know down there, and I mean, nobody has ever made me explode like that....." Silence. I know, or at least suspected she had been with other guy's as I assume she suspected I had been with other girls. But we really don't admit it or openly flaunt it. Like I said . We don't talk about sex much. I let it pass and Rene went on. " I don't know if that was something you read in Penthouse Forum or where you learned that stuff, But . Well. You know.  I;m just not sure. Like I said, well. I took a break and wanted to let you know well.  Can I come over latter tonight after I'm done with homework. This load of work from the University would bury me if I let it"

"Sure," I agreed not sure exactly what her aim was. But I said I would see her then.

I had to smile at how she talked about things concerning sex. We were each others first time and have been together a couple years now. But this past summer considering my dealing with Annie, the shop foreman, I had learned that women can be quit direct and crude in their language.  Or at least when dealing with younger subordinates on the job. Annie had "special projects" for me after business hours. Those were usually concerts of her instructions and ejaculations with her legs spread, her feet on her desk with me under her "lick that pussy, fucky me fuck me you dirty boy, Now, stick your tongue up my ass fuckfuckfuckfuck. pinch my nipples now. Faster harder Faster harder, I am not a bleedin' porcelain doll." Annie was not shy about what she wanted. Her obscenity concerts always ending with her taking a bow so she could "lick myself off that lovely prick Dearie and taste that luscious seed of your."

Annie was not from around here. She was from Cardiff.

Later last night there was a knock on my door. Rene entered , closed the door behind her, took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Fortuitously I was only wearing a robe which Rene dispatched
with almost as much haste as she dispatched her own clothing. She pushed me back on the bed unceremoniously. I was incredibly hard and she gave my cock an approving glance and then slowly slipped her fiery wet snatch over the head of my cock and began bucking her hips hard and fast till the room filled with the sound of one butt clapping. My god her snatch was on fire. She had never felt this hot before. I reached up and for just a moment I thought her breasts seemed a little bigger and the nipples not as pronounced and pookey. Just as we came in a fiery gush of jizz and quim I had a brief flash of Annie throwing open the shop doors at work, looking like Elvira of TV Land fame saying. "There you two are. I thought you would never get here." Silhouetting her incredibly curvy black sheer garment clad frame was the candle lit workshop from my Halloween phantasm.

Through the flaming sticky froth spewing forth from my twitching cock into Rene's boiling twat I watched her rise. Through blurred eyes I watched as she dressed and left the room. Momentarily I though I caught a glimpse of Tasha exiting my room instead.

Was that a tail trailing behind?

Out like I light I went.

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