Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fun House, Wherehouse, Their House / Nobody Answered

November 2

I called Tami a couple of times today. No answer. I was starting to get concerned.  I had no recollection of getting her home, or even how I got home Halloween. I even went so far as to drive by work once I was able to move and get dressed. Her car was not there, which was good. I guess. I know she took the day off after our concert night out as well. I never would have thought I needed a whole day to recover from some musical fun. I had not expected the end of the evening to turn out as it did. If only I could remember.

It had been a tough recovery day, if indeed I was recovering. Images and strange sensations flowed over me at the most inopportune times. As I flopped around feeling both extremely drained and extremely horny I realized I had an excellent real life vision to whack off to. I now had kissed Tami, seen her wonderful little body stretched out in candle light. Glimpsed a shimmer of moisture between her toned and tanned thighs as they spread out below me and invited me in.

My cock sprang up as my hand reached down and my fist encircled its throbbing shaft. But instead of pleasure I felt an ache at the base of my cock which spread to encircle the base of the ball sack as well. Quickly the pleasure that the naked vision of Tami and the fantasy of her legs wrapped around me tight gave in to the pain pulling my prick was causing and I stopped. Flaccid and as spent as I usually felt after a night at the drive in theater with Rene.

I sat up and peered dolefully down at my failed erection. I noted what seemed like a thin red line, not bloody, but an irritation running where the shaft met abdomen. I was concerned, but feeling as all invincible nineteen year olds feel. Also since I could not remember clearly the night before exertions I figured it would go away.

Well, since Tami was not answering her phone I called Rene to see what we were doing Saturday night. We did not see each other much during the week, She was a Freshman at DePaul University and quite immersed in her studies. I, being a drop out for this semester only, was instead working to cover the tuition of the coming year. At least that is the plan, though Rene rags me to no end about not being in school now, no matter what.

Thinking about Saturday night with Rene made me hard again and I instinctively started stroking my raised prick with visions of Rene's big bottom spreading out on the leather Bonneville seats as I pummeled her from all possible angles as she sighed and gasped in her Rene way. I stroked through the pain until the uncanny impression of furry haunches on my thighs and a tail caressing my legs interrupted my masturbatory sojourn into Rene. 

I gave up rubbing one out and fell into a fitful sleep.

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