Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ten Step Two Step

At least he calls first. I knew he was drunk. He presents no pretext other than he wants to come over in the wee hours of the morning to fuck me. I hate myself for saying alright. I would hate myself more if I wasn't having the rolling waves of orgasms I'm having now. 
I thought when I opened the door I could keep my dignity by acting annoyed for a few seconds at least. 
But I open the door there he is with that cock in hand sporting a massive hard on. He cries out as I open the door ... 
"Quick, before the sun rises I must hide this under that big black bush of yours or it will turn to dust ." 
Yes I am Italian and these were pre landscaping days. 
He took me over the arm of my couch five paces from the door. My panties where down in three, my teddy was hiked above my waist in four. He split me wide and deep by five as I had a face full of couch cushion. It was comfy. But I came and he didn't. He knew it as my legs splayed out towards the front door and his gorgeous cock slipped out of me while I came some more. I moaned in remorse. 
He stood statesman like above me with his hand resting on my butt. I was his podium and his prick was the microphone hovering above. 
I had a moment of whimsy through my orgasmic fog. 
"Next time I hope it's your tongue in peril of turning to dust in the dawn." 
He took the hint. 
He flipped me on my back but left my ass still high up on the arm of my couch. 
His tongue slipped along the right ridge line of the black bush forest. I sighed. I thought of all the times I had been uncomfortable about men putting their mouths down there. 
His tongue swirled around the nubbin of my clit. I breathed a sigh of surrender. When he sucked my nubbin in soft moist lips I was done in again and shivered through clamped thighs unbidden. 
He placed one thigh over his neck and slid his slithering snake tongue along the quivering pink lips of the left flank bush line. 
As his neck folded into the crook of my knee I came and came and came. 
When the coup de grĂ¢ce of his tongue forced it's way up my bung hole I continued my opus ohhhh orgasm. 
My bunny knows as it quivered out of control. 
Random thoughts. Crazy cum cum again thoughts. 
Bunnies? Thumper?.....goooooood.............. 
I know I did not say that gibberish aloud. 
Or did I? 
No more comfy couch cushion. How did I get to the floor, cheek plastered on my rug, bunny butt high in the air. 
Thumper is doing the deep deep thrust. One more. One more. One more. I feel the head of his cock with each retreat out of my flaming bunny hole. 
Bunny hole!  
He has fucked me silly. Now he changed pace. Pulling out extra slow. I can feel each ridge and vein with my clutching greedy folds. 
I'm glad I vacuumed this rug today. 
Vacuuming...What the... what am I think..........(Ohhh. His cock knob just skittered over my clitty)...  ing 
"Yaaaaaaw. Ram me Thumper...oooooooo." 
Did I say that out loud? 
He gives me his all and delivers his hot spurting bunny love deep in my bunny hole and my whole world is a wiggling and waggling like my bunny tale. 
Even through the shifting surf of my body I knew I had done right by answering the phone tonight. He was still kneeling behind and in me as my body flowed in final orgasmic spin down. His pulsating had ended while mine still swam around his glorious and most satisfying rod. 
We just stayed molded in doggie delectus. I could not move. He just sucked in extra air as his palms rested on my upraised bumm. I was grateful he remained there. I was grateful he had called. I was grateful we had saved his wondrous cock from the sun turning it to dust. 
I began to laugh uncontrollably at his silliness. 
I felt myself slowly slide off his solidly slick dick and roll onto my back. The teddy still covering my glorious girls. I peered over those cup formed mounds to make sure he was watching them. They were proud, upraised, needy, and sensitive from all the play my nethers received so far this morningYet my tits had received no never mind. A rare unheard of turn of events in my experience; considering most men have found them to be my main attraction. 
As he stretched up high on his knees and raised his toned arms skyward he remained gorgeous. 
So was his cock 
This little bunny wanted a breakfast carrot and Thumper seemed ready to provide. 
With a shimmy of my shoulders and a little arch of my back the teddy's straps were pulled down revealing my two large male eye and hand magnets. Women like them too. I saw Thumper's eyes lock and I swear his prick got bigger and pointed heavenward. The pull of my tits was irresistible. They are so round and perfect yet the brown nipples are large and irregular in shape. Not perfect round areolas. But oh so sensitive were they begin as the breast skin ends. 
Well if I had issues with my nipples, Thumper did not. He filled his hands with my breasts while his thumb and forefinger began to do their magic on my difficult to coax out nipples. 
While I was distracted and basking in his breast handling he had straddled my tummy and was in perfect position to give my cleavage gulch a full thrust boob fucking. 
"What does it feel like when you fuck my tits?" I asked the question I had always wondered about. 
Once the words were out of my mouth the blush was rising in my cheeks. 
"I have never fucked your tits darling." 
I just looked up at him wide eyed. 
"Let me put something in that beautiful foul mouth of yours. It may help keep your foot out of it." 
With that he leaned forward bringing his gorgeous cum and me scented cock to my lips. I inhaled the moment and let my tongue pook out and greet the underside of it's massive head. 
I shivered as he stretched out above me. I was a bit unsure of men being in full control from above as they fucked my mouth. 
But this time I dummied up and opened my mouth as his head poised above me. 
I think I came a little just in anticipation as my lips parted while he artfully dipped in. 
I was pleasantly treated to the most responsive cock I have ever had in my mouth. Like the difference between manual and power steering. Of course I grabbed his hips just for good measure. After all he had called me from a bar at closing time to come here and do.... This? 
Like a sports car I guided him with ease through his pace lap around my mouth and throat. A gentle suck would bring that beautiful shaft gliding down my tongue. When I pressed up with my tongue he would slow to a stop. When I felt the head of him fill my throat I would use an upward motion of my hands and tongue causing his lovely shaft to retreat upward. As I became more comfortable with the control I began to experiment with angles, rhythm, and depth change. As my comfort and control level rose, so did his tip fill my throat deeper and deeper until I almost had him devoured. 
Almost. But enough that his sack rested nicely on my chin as he plunged the depths of my now foot free mouth. As his glorious dick jack rabbited in and out of my mouth the fog of my previous cumming was clearing. The silky skin of his shaft and ball combo platter in and about my mouth was pleasing. But not orgasmisizing.  
His cock was slick and shiny from my spittle, so I pushed him all the way out and gave his huge balls the licking they deserved for disturbing my slumbers. My tongue licked his shaft as his balls slid down my neck returning him to the perfect approach to a boob boinking bonanza. 
My boobs. 
His boink 
"Looks like a pumpkin patch of delight." 
What did he just say? 
"Feels like banana heaven." 
If his nipple tweaking fingers hadn't had me near orgasm while he slid his dick vigorously between my tits I would have laughed. Instead the moan that started in my cunt, bounced off my breasts, and emitted from my throat was the most genuine reaction his last bit of verbal buffoonery could command. 
Enough bunny beastie bouncing... 
Oh, there I am doing it through the cum fog. I am distracted. I am rolling in sweet O again from his fingers, his cock, and now his mouth on my tits. 
But then. 
I open my eyes and he is there. Clear blue eyes peering deep into the brown depths of mine. 
I raise my legs in salute and wrap them around his trim waist. My heels leverage into the small of his back while the tip of his incredibly firm erection introduces itself to the seeping slit between my thighs. His crown parts those seepy lips of mine stretching them from wider to gaping. 
We look into each others eyes. 
I feel his shaft as it glides in behind those clutching walls of my pussy. I feel his naked chest press my now tantalized tits still humming from his touch, as his weight presses me to the floor, his cock gains full purchase, and his balls now rest lovingly against my taint. 
We look into each others eyes. 
Our bunny hop starts slowly and then builds. 
I am not a moaner. 
I moan. 
I am not a clawer. 
I claw 
We look into each others eyes. 
I will always answer his calls now. 
Each time. 
Every time. 
We look into each others eyes. 
Each O more shattering shivering crescendo. Like a third to a fifth to an octave over. 
Again and again and again I cum. 
I don't always come. But when I do.... 
Still no more than ten steps from my front door. 

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